Dylan Furr



"'Possessed' shows off the ability of Dylan Furr Band to merge heavy metal riffs, intricate guitar solos, & distinct vocal styles that range from clear & direct to weighty & ferocious."

-Akademia Music Awards, September 2015

The Akademia Music Awards


"[They] are going to take over the world of progressive metal. Dylan Furr, a guitar virtuoso & musical genius, that has collected other extremely talented musicians...has been cranking out the groovy, melodic, slightly djenty progressive tunes that you didn’t know that you were craving…Their vocals sound very similar to Uneven Structure… It boggles my mind that Dylan is able to be so talented with so many different genres/sounds. Dylan is an insane guitarist. One of the best up & coming players out there... He can shred, sweep, thall, & jam out like no other, but there’s so much more to his playing than just that. He has this ability to play & blend all different kinds of sounds & styles with his guitar. He’s able to go from devastatingly brutal to incredibly ambient on the drop of a hat... If they keep it up they’re going to be huge."

-Bradley D.

The Circle Pit


"It's rare to find impressive originality in today's music scene. Dylan Furr has attained just that. His balance between classic & modern styles with properly seasoned elegance & aggression is well thought out & truly felt throughout his music." 

-Ryan Cook
Owner of Esoterik Guitars

"Holy shit, just listened to the first 30 seconds of the first track, 'Hubris', and I'm hooked....pretty mind blowing. Dylan Furr definitely has the 'one man band' thing going at full throttle. Really don't miss this one."

-Brian Shields

Great New Metal


"Dylan 'The One Man Band' Furr, has been making a name for himself
as an up & coming guitar virtuoso. Dylans progressive style allows
him to seamlessly transcend all styles of playing with ease."

-Adam Romine

"It’s an eclectic week for prog metal...amazing solo artist doing it all himself, Dylan is only 20 and has a deep, somewhat melancholy melodic style with a lot of djent to spice things up."

-Jeff Stevens



"9 out of 10! This guy is a virtuoso & a half...I feel like I'm being serenaded in all honesty, some of this work is so beautiful that it's utterly mesmerizing. It's the kind of music that you just throw on your mp3 player, crank it up to full volume & turn off the lights as you sit back & let the music take you off into realms unknown...the guitar work is the best...the man knows his chops & he knows them well. If people aren't noticing this guy's talent, then they'd have to be tone deaf...clean melodies & some strong vocal work by Dylan..."

-Eric May
Grim Tower Reviews

"...Progressive...Very tasteful...Awesome...Terrific CD...A great guitarist, & arranger.  I strongly suggest you give it a listen & purchase!"

-Kenneth R. Stringer